Roon showing recently added artist from Tidal

I do add Artists to my tidal account in order to play them later at home and see/hear if they are any good.

Anybody any ID how i can see the recently added artist to Tidal, in the Roon environment.
I now type in the name again (the tidal-app list shows recently added) to search.

If I understand what you’re trying to do then yes it’s easy

List all albums, then go into Focus and select Tidal under Format (to the right hand side of the Focus panel).

That will give you all your Tidal albums. Sort them by Date Added, then Bookmark the page so you can call it up easily next time.

Hi Phil

Thanks for the swift reply. This might work as well.
I do sometimes add “artists” to see there full discography and then pick the albums I like.
Can I make a list of “tidal” artist and then sort by date added, as you describe above (not home , so i cannot test it)

The easiest way in Roon is to go to Overview. All recent adds are there.

As I understand it, Roon only sees and deals with albums (and maybe tracks?) with respect to Tidal. I have a ton of Tidal albums added in Roon, but my favorite artists list in the Tidal app is empty.

I do wish that when I add a Tidal album to Roon it would also mark the artist as a favorite in Tidal.

Honestly, I would like to add an Artist without having to add an album; I may have just heard one song from the artist and would like to investigate further without the constraints of an album being added too.

If nothing else, if I favorite the artist in Tidal without adding an album, list the artist in Roon favorites too. Its super annoying to have to look in two locations for Favorite artists. Seems that is Roon NOT making things easier for the user.