Roon shows local copy of album "unidentified" though it shows up as Qobuz title

I recently purchased a download from Qobuz and added it to my watched drive. However, although the Qobuz album shows up in a title search (and in the discography tab of the artist - Perez Prado), the downloaded version is showing as “unidentified” and does not show up in a title search. Under the artist discography, both copies show up (as if different titles). Using “identify album” in the edit function, the local copy is not listed. Neither copy shows “Versions” tab on album description page.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with any other title? Has anyone figured out the magic fix?

Yes, I have this with an album I bought as dsd. This album is unidentified, although it appears in Tidal and I have even added it to my library, where it is shown as a duplicate of the dsd version.

Probably due to some minor difference in length on one or multiple tracks. Click “Unindentified” and search up the album. If tracks are the same, but only some minor difference in length - select the album.


Thank you for the suggestion. But as I mentioned, the “Identify albums” function does not list this title (or any variation of it).

It is not available in the service Roon uses. Maybe @support can fix this ?

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AFAIK, Qobuz streaming metadata is only for their streaming content. Roon is not free to use it for local purposes. Even worse, the ID3 tags on downloads purchased from Qobuz don’t always agree with the Qobuz streaming metadata for that same album. So, unfortunately there’s no magic fix. Recorded music metadata management and licensing has been an awful mess ever since the beginning of digital music.

Could the problem be that your downloaded version is in ALAC, and the (identified) streaming version from Qobuz is FLAC? I don`t know, just a suggestion.

Did you check the metadata of the downloaded files? It’s often poor and it’s possible that it contains some kind of error that prevents Roon from identifying it, although it doesn’t become readily apparent in the Roon view of the album in your screenshot

I’ve moved your post into the #support:metadata category of the forum, where it will be seen by the Roon support people who deal with metadata issues.

I’ve just bought and downloaded this 3-disc box set from Qobuz (in FLAC format rather than ALAC), and am seeing the same issue: The box set is unidentified, and cannot be found by manually searching in the “Identify album” screen.

The metadata does seem to be all present and correct, so it may well be that this box set just isn’t known to Roon’s database.

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Thanks, Geoff

This happens to me occasionally: Roon won’t identify a properly tagged local album and it does not show up when searching via the identify screen.
The same album will appear in Tidal if I do a general search.
My understanding is that Roon matches via the Musicbrainz database.
When I check Musicbrainz for said albums they are not there.
If I add the album to Musicbrainz myself (their site explains how to do this) the album will later match in Roon.
Or if at a later date the album is added to Musicbrainz Roon will find it.

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