Roon shows [Stopped] after installation of Roon Server on QNAP NAS

Hi, I have just installed Roon Server on an SSD in my QNAP HS-251, but the status keeps showing [Stopped] in RED (as shown in picture). What went wrong? How can I resolve the issue?

Your database is located in your \Music library folder. IIRC, it’s recommended to keep the database in different location than your music library. Try these changes and maybe reinstall the Roon core and give it a go.

Do you have 8TB SSD drive or is your \Music folder on HDD storage drive? You want to have the database on SSD since this gives clear performance improvement vs HDD.

I am using a 1TB SSD for Roon Server and database. The 8TB HDD is for music files. I will follow your advice to locate Roon databse in the SSD instead and reinstall Roon Server again. Many thanks, patouskii.

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