ROON Software does not work with MOON remote control since MIND update

I use Roon with Tidal and my MOON 280D dac / streamer. Since I updated my MOON to MIND-version 2.2.1, I can no longer control ROON with the MOON 280D remote control. Neither “previous song” nor “next song” nor “pause” and “play” work. I only can power on and off the device with the remote, that´s it.

Before the update, it was possible to control “previous song”, “next song”, “pause” and “play” with the remote control which was very comfortable. The MOON 280D is Roon-ready and ROON-tested, so it should work without problems as it did before the update.

Does anyone with MOON have the same problem or does someone know a solution?

Have you actually contacted Moon? Their update, they need to look first and confirm if it is or isn’t a bug. If they are confident it is not a bug then ask back here.

Are you talking about controlling Roon through the Mind app (running on a phone/tablet),or through the dedicated remote supplied with your device ? I personnally own a 780Dv2 with the firmware updated to the latest versions, and I have no issue controlling track playing (previous, next, pause, play) using a dedicated remote (FRM-3 in my case). No issue also doing the same through the Mind app v. 2.2.2 running on Android.

No, i am not talking about Moon Mind iOS/Android software. As I wrote my problem is the original MOON remote control that worked perfekt before the update of the MOON 280D.

Just solved the problem by deleting the MOON Mind Controler app on the iPhone. I don’t know why, but now I can use the remote of my MOON 280D to control ROON as before without any problems!