Roon Software Incorrectly Identified Album - How to Correct

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

No Edits Tried to change the artist to “Pink Floyd” From “Vocomotion”

Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes as Dark Side of The Moon A Cappella

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?Local File

Tags Look Like they are ok Just some random Album title Name by some Artist “Vocomotion” that I have never heard of or have any other items from them…

Screenshot of import settings

Screenshot too Big to capture all of the import settings but they are ALL "Prefer ROON"

Description of the issue

Vocomotion is the attributed artist of this album

If you want to change it, click the (…) button next to Play Now, then Edit > Album Editor. Scroll down to Credits and change the primary artist credit. After saving this, scroll to the Primary Artist Links and change them too.

As the artist on this album is not actually Pink Floyd, you may want to keep Vocomotion in the credits. E.g., you could add PF as an additional Primary Artist Link and leave Vocomotion in there. Or change the Album Artist field in the editor. Either way you can make PF show up in the album view without having to remove the actual artist

Click the three dots to the right of the ‘Play now’ button …

Select ‘Edit …’

Click ‘Identify album’ …

Choose the Pink Floyd version rather than the one by Vocomotion …

If you look at the file tags in the OPs second image you’ll see that they suggest this is the Pink Floyd album, not the a cappella version by Locomotion.

Wait, are we talking about the actual a cappella cover album but the PF album being misidentified?

I thought the former. If actually the latter, then you are correct of course

The file tags would suggest otherwise. I have the Vocomotion album and the file tags are quite different:

Perhaps the OP should clarify :slight_smile:

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A yeah I got it in the meantime


So I DON’T have the A Cappella Version of Dark Side of the Moon I have the original By Pink Floyd.

My Tag for the first song actually correctly identified the track as by Pink Floyd Artists Etc. Date of release. So I will Follow DaveN’s advice and see if I can “Find A Better Match for this album”

Thank you all for the prompt replies. Just came across the mis identification by chance a few days ago. everything else in my 29,000 plus song library moved over pretty much as expected.

Would it be easier to just delete the album file that I have and rip my source CD directly into roon?

I have acd drive that I can hook right up to my Nucleus


If it misidentified your existing rip, chances are that it might misidentify the rip of the built-in ripper (which is not that great to begin with).

Manually identifying it as the correct album, like @DaveN described, is far easier and all you probably need to do

Hi - The problem had to do with how the first track of the album was titled. Roon was listing “Speak to Me” as track one and then titled track 2 as “Breathe in the Air” when the first track is properly referred to as (a) Speak to Me (b) Breathe in the Air. I manually edited each track and used my file tags vs the Roon suggested title . and the album appears under Pink Floyd Artist and the Album appears under the Albums when looking at the Artist page.

Sorry to be a bother just figuring out how to use the software.

Tyhank You again for all of your quick responses.



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