Roon Software is incompatible with Rogue Amoeba's ACE plugin

Overnight I lost the ability for Roon software to see my host MacBook Pro as an audio device. Nada … nothing.

Turns out to have been Rogue Amoeba’s ACE plugin.
After uninstalling the ACE plugin and rebooting, voila, there’s my MacBook Pro … !!

From Rogue Amoeba’s website:

Audio Capture Engine, generally referred to as “ACE”, is Rogue Amoeba’s powerful audio handling component. ACE captures audio on your system, so it can be used as you desire with Rogue Amoeba’s products.

Looks like this ACE plugin hogs audio resources that Roon software relies on seeing.

Hi Duncan - my experience is different, As it happens, my ACE got updated just yesterday, but my iMac still plays music as a ROON endpoint, either from my ROCK core or using the iMac as a core (I just tried both) So, I guess it is not so simple, or maybe you were unlucky. Anyway, I’m glad you are sorted.

It sounds like ACE lets one steal streamed content, e.g. Tidal, etc…

Is this true?

Works fine here. 2018 MBP.

I think it might be more of a Roon thing than an ACE thing. Since the 903/904 updates, it’s occurred on my Mac with ACE, my Mac without ACE, and on our Android and iOS devices. (And the phones definitely aren’t running Audio Hijack. :wink:)

Restarting the client and/or Roon Core has always solved it.

I’ve always had to exit SoundSource when I want to play music on my MacBook Pro

Just like #Colin_Mattson, I’ve just sound that Roon loses my local machine as an audio source even with ACE uninstalled … !! Need to keep looking I suppose … !!