Roon software on a NAS

My current setup is Roon on my Mac with my music on DropBox (but using space on my Mac). I want to move my music to a NAS (Synology) but not be dependent on Mac to house the Roon software. Can that be done or do I need the OS of a Mac or PC to play my Roon library. Thanks Steve

The simple answer to your question is yes. The more complicated answer is it depends on the NAS. Have you looked at any of the posts in this section of the Roon Forum:

GHi @Stephen_Johnson,

Check out the Roon Knowledge Base - Roon Server on NAS, then comeback if you have any more specific questions we can help you with.

One point to note is that there is no User Interface [GUI) with Roon Server so you will also a device to run Roon Remote, this could be an iOS/Android tablet or a PC/Mac … check out the RKB for specs on suitable hardware.