Roon Software Orientation

I’ve installed the headless Roon Server (Core?) on my Mac Mini, Roon apps (remote controls?) on my Android and iPad, and stream from a networked HDD to my HiFiBerry connected to my Hegel H390 (while I wait for the Hegel to become Roon Ready). All good.

I wonder what software I would install on my Macbook Pro (the only device I have with an optical drive) if I wanted to use it as a Roon remote control and to rip CDs to my networked HDD. Is CD ripping something that Roon does? Thanks.

Roon does not have a great solution for CD ripping. Many of us use dBpoweramp


Okay. I thought there would be some sort of import feature.

$40 seems a bit steep for a CD ripper. I use XLD (X Lossless Decoder) to rip audio.

All that being said - what is the best software package to use a laptop as a remote control for Roon Server?

XLD is fine too if that is what you already use. To use the MacBook as a Roon remote, just download the MAC software package that includes everything. When you first use it there will be an option to use the MacBook as a core, or to select a core. You can select the Mac mini and you are good to go

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Got it.


Depends on how many CDs you have to rip. :slight_smile: XLD is fine too. IIRC, it also integrates with the AccurateRip database.

Having Accurip is worth it , it checks back against other people’s rips to see if yours is good

Worth $40 to more I would say

But as above it depends how many CDs you need to rip


True. It does.