Roon solution best for me

I own 1000 lps and 4000 cds about. I wanted to listen in hires and not more cds in my house. I am not good for new technologies. After some decissions ended in failures, I have found the best for me:

  • A server streamer, Innuos Zenith Mkiii with 4T SSD. All y cds and more are in its memory, I can incluye a lot of hires download, and receive through Qobuz any music I want. The quality is splendid, much better than from my Meridian throug the same DAC.

  • A new DAC and preamp, Mytek Brooklyn, with MC and MM preamp for lps and headphones pre. Can read everything.

So, I have my lps, my cds, my downloads and my streaming, everything in two boxes. An amp and two speakers are enough. Everything ruled by Roon, its core in the Innuos. Now I am changing home, and have packed speaker, Subwoofer, récord player and amplifier. Well, only the two boxes and headphones and can listen to the best hires or cds. Roon is not necessarybut helps a lot. I would not like to be without it.