Roon + Sonos Channel Imbalance

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. When streaming Qobuz to a pair of Sonos One SL’s from Roon, the stereo image starts out centered, but within a minute or two, it drifts noticeably to the left. Restarting Roon recenters the image, but it always drifts to the left again. I can switch to the Qobuz app or Apple Music and the issue goes away, so it’s clearly related to Roon. This happens when streaming from various controllers on different operating systems. Changing from “Sonos Streaming” to “Airplay” in the audio settings doesn’t make a difference, and neither does rebooting or re-pairing the speakers. DSP is turned off (of course).

I may open an official ticket, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before doing so.