Roon Sound Quality Nucleus

I run the Roon core on my iMac, which feeds my Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC via an Ethernet connection. It all works fine and to my ears sounds great.

My question is - forgetting about speed and other non-sound quality issues, would running Roon the same way, ie. via the Ethernet into my DAC, using a Roon Nucleus + to run the Roon core result in any improvement in sound quality?

Is so, a very brief explanation of why there would be a sound quality difference would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Not helping with your question (using a Nucleus + myself) but as a fellow Mola Mola owner I totally agree with the happiness it provides….
Sorry for the not related comment…:innocent::sunglasses:



Depends on how good your imagination is. Roon has never advertised an SQ improvement from using either Nucleus model.

The Nucleus models are offered so that Joe Blow can walk out of his HiFi shop with a working Roon box that, theoretically, requires no further tweaking.

The only way to improve the musical perception is to apply a professional room correction.
I hired Mitch Barnett and as a result I got convolution filters which brought my environment closer to a perfect listening room. Mitch used the Accurate software by Uli Brueggemann.
This setup with the Tambaqui and the Nucleus Plus and a very fine rest of my hifi devices made the Tambaqui shine even more.


As a Mola Mola Tambaqui and Nucleus+ owner, I suppose I can chime in. I’ve never noticed any difference when switching cores (nor have I looked for it). For me, it is more about convenience: a dedicated device, running 24/7, with Roon as its sole purpose, 100% supported by Roonlabs.


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