Roon spinning non-stop

Hi Nuwriy, I moved the files last week and roon has functioned about the same. At times it is VERY slow other times it is fast with everything I do. I have found that when it slows down I re-boot the core 1-3 times (waiting 5 min’s between each boot) It will run fast for an hour to 20 hrs (best case).

Today I have a new problem. When I went to sleep last night I had 33,500 albums in roon, when I woke up I found 21,000, where did 12,500 albums go and why?

I re-booted my core twice and it is now slowly adding albums…

Please help me get roon stable and hassle free.

Thank you,
Da ve

Hello @David_Haaf, I’d like to collect more diagnostics now that the files have been moved. Could you please do the following test again so we can compare logs? Thanks!

  • Reboot your Core machine.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for ~5 minutes.
  • Reboot your Core machine once more.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for another ~5 minutes.

I do that, roon works well, starts to slow down, freezes and I do it again. I have been doing this for months. Last night it stopped playing music, gave me a white screen with black spinner. I have re-booted 5 times - same result? I unplugged my modem and router, waited 5 min re-started modem, waited 5 min, re-started router, waited 5 min. re-booted roon core, waited 5 min, re-booted core, waited 5 min, re-booted core - waited 5 min. 3 times (9 core re-boots)!!!, still no luck? Please help me get a stable, reliable solution.

Any help coming???

Please help me, roon is dead, white screen for past 40 hours.

I am locked out of roon!
I am looking at a white screen with black logo for over 40 hours!!
I am back to playing CD’s in my CD player as in 1980’s technology…


Please help me.

Will someone please help me?

My Roon is dead - not working - spinning non-stop for 48 hours.
I can not play music, I can not see any of my albums.

why do you sit and wait? restore your db from backup!!!

remove/uninstall then restore, if no backups that is bad, quick fix: start over (and start backing up yday)

I can not get past the white screen, so how do I restore?

remove the software with a uninstaller tool as geekuninstaller or so, install it back, restore.

ok are you saying to remove roon server (core) or roon app’s (control) or both?
if control app, do I need to remove from all devices (laptops, pc, tablets & phone)?

Thank you for helping me.

if you are experiencing the same issue across different remotes you have tried that means your issue is with the core, then I would clear up the core install and restore from backup.

ok, I will start with the core, thank you.

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I removed roon server (un-installed with windows control panel)

I downloaded roon server from Roon’s download page.

I followed the prompts to install.

I restarted my computer.

I launched the server.

I launched the app.

I am back where I started - white screen + black spinning logo.

How do I get past this:

Hello @David_Haaf, could you please try reinstalling your graphics drivers from the manufacturer’s website and reboot your device? I’d also recommend trying the 32-bit version of the app to see if that helps. Please let me know!

Helo Nuwriy,

Well it has been a brutal year thanks to roon. As you know I have been experiencing numerous issues with very little support. I am on my 4th core machine and have had to restore the current core 4 times in 6 months.

Earlier this month I got locked out and was waiting for help, I made numerous requests without answers, 2 weeks ago mavmcl recommended restoration from my backup, I decided to do this. It has taken me 2 weeks of 12 hour days (168 hours!!!), my db is at about 70% of pre-lockout and I am still having problems.

  1. What do I need to do to get help achieving a stable state with roon?
  2. How do I lock my db so that the next time I restore I do not have to re-do all my work?
    I backup my db everyday at 4am, this restoration was from a backup that was done 3 or 4 days before the lockout yet I have to spend hundreds of hours getting things back in order ------- why?

Please help me.

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