Roon SQ Discussion Thread (Abandon hope all Ye who enter ...)

Is this your cologne Paolo?

Am I the only one reading this multiple ways?

I def need to learn scotch…

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[quote=“AndersVinberg, post:127, topic:18846”]
Speakers, Roon, and the room, first. Quality content, next. A good DAC. An adequate amp. Then worry about tweaking cables.[/quote]
Then worry about tweaking cables. Then gently ask developers to, please, fine tune Roon’s playback engine

Right what the OP and myself are aiming at :wink:


Perhaps you should tell them exactly what to do rather than making a nonspecific demand like “please, fine tune Roon’s playback engine”. How shall they go about even beginning to interpret that? Explain what’s wrong, what needs improvement…give them something to work with, please.

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Oh you tease! :slight_smile:


It’s your audio endpoints that need tuning. Roon should just deliver the file.

Klipsch Cornwalls have been tuned during 50+ years and Don Garber’s pre and power SET amplifiers during… just 30 :wink:


Exactly. If you’re not using DSP in Roon and you’ve got Roon feeding your DAC via an appropriate endpoint (not a MAC Mini or other typical PC) then what you hear coming out the business end of your Hi-Fi should be no different to that you’re hearing via other software, assuming of course they’ve too passed the signal through unchanged.

Roon is just the messenger. If you don’t like the message change the source, modify your setup or get stuff able to do the message justice.

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Try this then. There are already screenshots on the Forum of 1.3 footers. In a thread you created, no less !

Will this make larger demands on the Core? Does the same apply to MQA software decoding?


If you use the capabilities it will place additional demands on the core.

I’m afraid using my powers of deduction and observation I have failed to spot this intriguing sneak preview!
. :frowning2:


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One guy’s SQ experience:

Former Setup: ethernet line serving flac files from a Vortexbox Appliance running Logitech Media Server into the Bridge II renderer in a PS Audio PWDII DAC. Best SQ came from file playback (mostly redbook). Tidal streams were close but not as detailed as flacs from the hard drive. Playing Tidal from a Macbook Air > USB > PWDII DAC was a distant third place.

Then along came MQA, which necessitated playback via Macbook > USB > DAC. And it bettered my best! Even through USB. Revelation. Best SQ I’d ever had in the home.

Which prompted last week’s major upgrade to running Roon on a SmallGreen Sonictransporter i5. In its first configuration I compared Tidal streams to file playback, pointing Roon to the same flac files on the still-router-connected Vortexbox. Suddenly, Tidal was clearly better than local file playback in A/B/A testing across multiple tracks!

Then last night, directly attached to the Sonictransporter a USB drive that I’d used for VBA backup…

Voila! Local file playback is once again superior to Tidal, not drastically but discernibly. This is the best sound quality I have ever enjoyed at home in seven years of computer audio! I am giddy to think about the gains from MQA software decoding through Roon 1.3.

it is called expected expectation

participated in 20 double blind tests

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Essentially right. The observation I originally made was that, using the same computer I run Roon core in also as an audio endpoint, and comparing the SQ between that and A+, I preferred A+. And comparing Roon+HQP to A+, it was a bit of a wash, also using the same computer as endpoint.

It locks volume control to -3 dBFS setting for PCM sources, so you don’t get surprising volume changes when going between PCM and DSD sources. That’s all it does.

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and on that note, this is pretty telling: