Roon stability 1.8

who is interested: no stability problems with nucleus+/internal 2 gb samsung ssd/ipad pro/macbook pro/fritz!box 7590, no ios-/os crashes, with .756 visibility ˋsettingsˋ ipad pro fixed, speed higher than 1.7, all menu items work (e.g. tracks), greetings


Mine has been remarkably stable (NUC10, direct attached USB storage, 3*iOS remotes, Sonos & Ropieee endpoints), with only 1 iOS freeze in 3(?) days off to me delightful overuse of music discovery and listening. Everything (since day 1 server overload) is faster and nicer.

I feel for all the folks who are having stability issues, and I hope that Roon has now built in enough instrumentation that they can observe patterns in setups so that they can find where the parents of issues are - network, core setup, storage, remote, combinations thereof. I have had stability issues before, I’m sure I will again. Would love it if Roon team could see that I’m having trouble at same time as I do. But I’m running just fine.

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