Roon stopped working after newest update. Core on Win 10 7i5 16 GB

Roon Core Machine

Windows 1021 fall update, 7i5 16 GB ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

82000 tracks. No streaming.

Description of Issue

After updating to newest Roon, it stopped working.
Couldn’t reinstall 831. Got the same loop.
This all after a restore of my backup.

Then i read something about scaling in Windows. Setting it back to 100% did the job. 183 did now install and restored the db.

I don’t care about your silly updates (each time you guys make Roon worse imho) but my iphone updated allready to 880. (thats the last time I do something like that)

Tried to install 880 with scaling back to 100% but that didn’t work. Got the loop again after restoring the db.

I’ve installed and reïnstalled Roon now 8 times. Bit tired of doing that.
I’ll kept the logs, so if someone can help I will send them to you.

Hey @PhiloMelos,

I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through… :pensive: , especially after doing so much to get things working. I’m dismayed it’s not the only time either…

We’d love to help :nerd_face:. You mentioned:

Got the loop again after restoring the db.

Could you please tell us more about that? Do you see an error message? Is Roon just not launching now?

Hi @rebeka

Thank you for your time.

With 80000 tracks I need to restore the backup of the database, otherwise it’s analyzing for a week again.
So after installing Roon I get the screen where you can choose restore backup.
After that the restore completes and ask me to relaunch. That’s when I get the beginscreen of Roon loading. And then nothing. The same screen for ever.

I started with just updating to 1880. It got stuck. That’s why I had to restore.
But installing 1830 again and restoring the backup didn’t work. Yeah, after I read about scaling screen back at 100%
Maybe it’s my 4K screen?

That’s when I finally got Roon 183 working again. (With restored backup)

But I have the logs for you.

Hey @PhiloMelos,

Thanks for the description. Could you please upload the logs here?

Done @beka

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Hi @PhiloMelos ,

Earlier today, we released a new build of Roon that may help with the issues you were experiencing. Please try to restore your previous database on the new release and let us know if it helps!

And it worked! Thanx.

But please test an update next time much more thouroughly.
This was very bad for my health!

ps: please stop with those silly emailallerts. Since I use a vpn get these mails everytime I log in.
Is there a way I can stop this? For now Roon goes straight into my spamfolder.

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