Roon stopped working after update 16th of DEC

Roon Core Machine

Lifebook, 7th gen i7 with 16GB RAM running win10 OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

2 separate NAS on the home network, connected to home modem like the core machıne all connections are CAT6.

Connected Audio Devices

CORE is running in laptop, but prefered audıo devıce is a raspberry pi roon end point, an ifi micro iDSD DAC is connected to the raspberry via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

like 20000 tracks

Description of Issue

After getting" update is pending message " form the remote (iphone7) I’ve clicked the relevant button or text. Then after restarting roon on my core machine described above, ı got the message that says DB is corrupted. Among support pages I’ve found one that descirebes my problem with a solution ofcourse.
-Reebooting core machine, done several times.
-Win OS update, it is up to date
-Java is up to date
-changed the name of the roon folder ın my appdata folder and reinstall the roon, several and severel time, sometimes after rebooting somtimes before rebooting.
-4-5 times downloaded the 64bit win roon inst package from the website,

but its always completest the fresh installation, takes my login info and after successfull installaiton, does not scan the track archive nor an audıo device is found. just stays with roon logo (not freezed logo) in the home screens. menus are ok to interact, you can get in to settings but no auıdo and you can add your storage but roon does nothing. if you close the roon and restart than you are faced a DB is corrupted error again

Hey Erkan, it looks like you posted this before we released Build 882. Did updating to Build 882 resolve this for you?

Hi Kevin it’s good to hear from you. I made my last attempts before writing this.
Unfortunately, there was no change or progress for me, with the build 882. Roon continues to exhibit the same behavior. Not scanning the folders, not finding any audio device, it does not freeze nor falls to ‘not responding’ state, you can still interact with the menus. But when you relaunch it goes in to the DB corrupted state again. It does not matter if you make a DB restore or not. I guess I’m unlucky.

Thanks for the update @Erkan_KIRBULUT, we know what’s going on here and are working on a fix that we’re hoping to release today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Hey @Erkan_KIRBULUT – we just released Build 884 which should resolve this. Can you update your Roon Core and let me know if you’re back up and running?

Up and running with the new build, thank you roon team

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