Roon storage on iPhone

I wonder what data is Roon storing on the iPhone? And, do I need it?

Mainly Album and artist images. The Roon App needs them to function, but there is no need to backup them up to iCloud storage as the app can rebuild what it needs if your phone goes pop.

1.79 GB seems excessive, some users have reported the data space keeps growing, If your concerned about that delete the Roon app from the phone, and then reinstall the app. Then you can monitor over a period of time to see how it trends.


Thanks for indicating this and thanks to @Carl for suggesting a delete and reinstall. On my iPad the data usage was more than 10Gb and I have no clue what I have ‘lost’ with the purge. The newly installed app is now snappy, shows all albums when scrolling and uses 35 Mb (ok growing) of space usage for data. Is there some cash accumulation problem in the iOS app?


Unfortunately this is not uncommon, many have reported this. Currently Roon takes 19.65 GB in my iPad and I do not even have massive library.

thanks Carl, I’ll delete it then as my phone is almost full

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This one has to be new….lol
About a month ago I noticed Roon was up to 5.77gb storage and not as snappy.
So I deleted and reinstalled the app, down to 25mb.
About a week later it had crept up to 275mb.
Forgot all about it as iPad working well but just checked it tonight and it has actually dropped down to 167mb…