Roon Storage OSX + PC Help

I’ve a Roon Server running in a NUC Windows Server.
I’ve a MAC Mojave running in the same network using Roon to control. This Mac has a USB external HD connected.
I’m not getting to add the usb HD to my Roon library. Even in iphone Roon APP adding storage music show only the server C:

How can I add the external HD connected in the Roon Control Mac?

You need to enable sharing on the Mac and then add the same as a network connection in the storage settings.

Look here for information

ex: smb://host/share

Maybe you should omit the spurious /Volumes?

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  1. Open the Sharing pref pane, and add the drive.
  2. Enable Sharing
  3. Note the share address (eg: smb://
  4. Add the share address to Roon (as shown above)