Roon stories (Was: Inside Sonos Office - Seattle)

Maybe we can get an article like this about Roon!

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One small problem , sure I read somewhere that they don’t have an office as such but are spread around the world. Also as Roon is software, what are you expecting to see? :grinning:

Pretty close:

i know! just more about the people behind Roon, obviously you pick up some from the active posting here.

I’m also a techie, so i’d be interested in their development tools and project management… it seems they use Agile development and I’d bet they have a very active internal Slack channel!!

Just remembered where I’d seen it, from the front page under More/Jobs

Blockquote ‘At Roon Labs, we build many of our tools ourselves, using C#, NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, Postgres, and Linux. These custom tools get used (a lot!) and become reliable systems that the whole team knows well, trusts, and depends on. We are looking for an engineer who understands that the tools we use are a key component in the process of getting things done, and that in many cases they enable crucial commercial relationships with partners (both suppliers and customers) as well as end users.We have a long history of working remotely, with a team distributed across three continents and no central office.’

This would be fascinating to software devs agreed, but I doubt Roon would want to expose too many trade secrets.

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this came out today:

It’s not exactly what you want, but it’s something:


I like Sonos stuff, but wouldn’t call it hi-tech. Sonos uses a lot of the same technology from 5+ years ago. Native support is maxed out at 16 bit-44.1/48khz. Lots of hi-res capable products out there in the same basic price range.

Hey Danny, just had a question after reading this. Does Meridian/Bob Stuart still have a stake in Roon after you guys spun out?

Or were all financial/investment ties broken after you guys spun out?

Only asking out of interest, no other reason. Doesn’t bother me what the answer is either way but was just curious.

Cheers mate

Nice articles!

I love this picture:

Looks like you are passing a small “cigarette”!! :sunglasses:

[EDIT: I moved this out of the Sonos section as the thread is not really about Sonos]

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We were walking through an open-air food market in Bangkok, and we bought a bag of peeled pomegranates. See the bag with little red arils in Enno’s hand? Unsure why he handing me one… just one.

Nope. When we spun out, we kept all equity in the new company (Roon Labs), we kept the entire original Sooloos team, we kept all the intellectual property from the post-Sooloos development, and we kept the biggest customer we had (HP).

We left behind the office, the name Sooloos (I was particularly hurt about this as it was my baby), and all Sooloos product related work.

Now, 2.5 years later: the equity still lies with us (we’ve turned down multiple offers for buyout or investment), the team has grown overall, but we had 2 casualties along the way, the IP turned into Roon and allowed us to launch in 4 months instead of 2+ years, and the HP deal died out post-Windows10 launch.


Hehe, nice, congrats and keep up the incredible work.