Roon stuck on flashing Roon symbol... does not open

Yes Roon may integrate with multiple endpoints but that does not make Roon responsible for the whole of your hifi and network. They are simply providing software to play music not providing a complete end to end service for other people’s products.

If your internet breaks and stops Roon from working are you expecting them to fix it for you so Roon works again?

I have to say when things do break they step up to the plate and try to identify the cause for the customer.



Of course I do not expect Roon to be responsible for the circumstances you have stated. Mine was not as you define it.

Are you running your internet connection off a wireless cell hotspot?

When I started with Roon over one year ago, I got less than satisfactory results trying to run Roon core on my Dell XPS 15, i7, 32gb ram, 1TB SSD laptop. I bought a Roon Nucleus and have had zero issues since. I don’t think Windows 10 is the best platform for Roon.

I’ve run roon well on a windows 10 machine in the past. But make sure it has an SSD drive for running the core, and that it is connected via Ethernet. Likely need 8GB ram. With all this, should run perfectly.

Hello @sergio_francavilla,

Let’s move your Roon database aside to see if we can get the Roon app working again.

  • Ensure that the Roon application is closed
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Open Roon
  • Login with your Roon credentials and set up Roon like a new installation.

Once you’ve completed these steps, let us know if you’re able to use Roon normally.


I notice you are using an ATT hotspot to provide internet connection. What sort of download/upload speeds to you get on this hotspot?

And yet for many years Windows 10 was the platform they recommended for large databases.

And I think they still do. I don’t think there’s a problem per se with the use of Windows as a server OS. But many users experience update and driver woes, and what I generally think is a good idea is have a Roon core server dedicated to this task, and have it administered as a server and not as a general desktop with a lot of other software installed, be it Window, Mac OS or Linux.

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A bit sweeping there Jim

I have run Roon on Windows 10 on 2 different spec PC’s for over 4 years , I to my memory have never had an issue with Roon , Windows runs on many many configurations, maybe I have been super lucky but I don’t think so.

I use absolutely bog standard motherboards, no additional sound cards, video cards which may help. I suppose the lowest common denominator PC So few things to confuse Windows

I understand you are happy with your Nucleus set up, equally I am happy with my Windows 10 set up

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This is my belief. I could be wrong.

Hello @Michael_Mill,

Windows is still 2nd best for large databases, behind RoonOS.


That’s interesting - there was a time earlier when Windows was ahead. Roon Labs has obviously been working on Roon OS to beat Windows into 2nd. place. Thanks for the info.

Hi @sergio_francavilla,
I have a Dell Alienware system. A week ago I installed an update from Dell Alienware wich solved my simular problem of not able to start Roon.
Maybe you can find out if there is an update for your Dell laptop also which might solve it for you.

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