Roon Support for Foldables?

Has anyone used Roon with a foldable like the Galaxy Z Folds? I’m curious if Roon would display the full table sized view on the larger screen on the foldable phones.

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Samsung Z Fold 4 user here. Roon will use the full screen real estate unfolded. Looks like the iPad app. It also works on the much smaller outer screen in folded mode.

The only niggle is that you will be prompted to restart the app when switching between unfolded and folded modes in both directions. Something the Android app team might want to look into at a later date.

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 user here. This device unfolds like a book and has two separate screens. ARC can span both screens, but the app rotates to fill the screens in portrait mode only. The Android app does not need to be restarted when switching between single and dual screen use.

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Can anyone share if Roon remote can span the Surface Duo Gen 1 either in landscape or portrait mode? I tried it in late 2021 and it did on either. But by now software updates from either Roon or MS could have made it work. Thanks!

I don’t know about Surface Duo 1 - but Surface Duo 2 can span in portrait mode:

Mind you, it’s a bit moot, now that Microsoft appears to have killed off the Surface Duo models.

This is when they can have fire sale. I tried the Duo Gen 1 when it was on sale for about $300. it was a very good convertible tablet but a bad phone. Plus Roon did’t span. So it ditched it. If Roon now spans on it, I don’t mind one at fire sale price.