Roon support for LG V30 MQA output

Can roon be updated to use the MQA capabilities of the LG V30 dac? Currently with v.1.5, Device Setup for the LG V30 is lacking the MQA Capabilities drop-down menu. When an MQA track is streamed the audio undergoes bit depth conversion to 16 bit. Can this issue be addressed? Thanks!


+1 for this please :slight_smile:


Yes, I would also like this! :slightly_smiling_face:


i agree!
I also would like it very much!!


Although I don’t use an LG, it would be nice if we could have Android handling higher but rate than 16 bit. I’m using LDAC between my Oreo S7 and Sony headphones, which is 24 bit capable, but I’m being downsampled to 16 by Roon. It does however, still sounds good


This would be great!

Yes, please. This would be great.

Just got an LG G7. Hopefully Roon will add support for MQA and higher bitrates for these phones. If more people request the feature it might just happen.


Yes – I am overseas for an extended spell (work); a Bluetooth speaker is now my “hi fi”. It would be great to be able to use the phone’s DAC to it’s full advantage (I run the core on a laptop when travelling). So there is a practical use case as well. All the more so if / when remote access is enabled (in the meantime, I am rediscovering Plex as a thing for audio).

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Really disappointing how Roon is dumbed down by Android. Another LG V30 user here. Please address this issue. Thanks.


Be lucky if they do before these phones are obsolete.

+1 here too. Better support for LG HiFi DAC products in general.


My LG V 35 is now working as a ROON endpoint. I’m not sure why, but I’m delighted! (Although it only shows up on ROON on one of computers, and the signal is very quiet even though it’s a digital output).