Roon support for Samsung QLED TV with built in Chromecast

Roon cannot find Samsung QLED TV with built in Chromecast in its Audio section. Core is installed on Nucleus plus. Is there any solution for it?

Can other software find it. Is it on the same network vlan as your nucleus. A description of your network setup and gear might help.

My MacBook Pro can find it per se while using YouTube. Speaking of new Samsung QLED 2019 TV connected with ethernet cable on the same network as Nucleus plus. In Display section of Roon “No available displays” appears. In Audio section of Roon Samsung TV (with chromecast bultin) doesn’t appear as well.

Is your TV on wireless?

As I said TV is connected with (AQ Pearl ethernet) cable to the same switch as Nucleus plus. Switch (D-Link 1005) is connected to Huawei Fiber router. I keep it simple and wired.

As far as i know Samsung has no TV’s with Chromecast built in. It uses its own Tizen platform. Samsung is also not mentioned by Google as a supported TV brand:

Is it mentioned in the specifications of the model that Chromecast is supported?

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Please visit Samsung site and review specs for Q90R QLED TV 2019. There is support for Chromecast, Airplay, etc. I want to use TV as display only.

Also I use my Apple lap top for casting trouble free.

I have. And I’ve Read the manual. And I called Samsung for pre-sale Support on the Q90R and asked them directly to confirm.

It has Airplay. It does not have Chromecast built in. Marketing materials state it is Chromecast compatible, which means that you can plug a Chromecast Device into it.

But, to be sure, download Google Home and see if it registers your TV as a Chromecast Device. Most Chromecast devices need to be activated via Google Home anyway.

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Thanks for inputs. Google Home cannot register TV as a Chromecast device.
Still it is strange, it is possible to cast You Tube video clip between lap top and TV.

Could be because the TV has the YouTube app included.

Thanks for clarification.

You can always add a Chromecast ultra if you want to use its functionality.

Very nice tv by the way. It’s one of the better tv’s i have seen.


Yep, I added a Chromecast to my older 9 series TV works great.