Roon support for SIRI KIT (SIRI shortcuts) on ios app

Please add SIRI KIT support on your ios ROON app. Its very easy to do. Not sure why a premium priced app like ROON does not have this functionality! If you went through the trouble of making an app for IOS why wouldnt you add support for SIRI shortcuts? Do you need help with the coding :joy:


It’s telling that there are no comments from Roonlabs. Disappointing.

I’m on a three months trial of Roon. I’m impressed but at the same time not convinced. There are too many lose ended, it seems.

Siri, rest api, still messy UI.

Let’s see in two months time.

We need the sources, we need the endpoints, but it’s quite easy to skip the middleware.

A setup guide for using Siri with Apple Shortcuts to provide voice control of Roon is available at: