Roon Support of Sonos Connect In the Future

I know there is another link regarding the announcement by Sonos that he will quite supporting the Sonos Connect after May.

My question is if Roon will continue to support the Sonos Connect after May. Since it appears that Roon’s software is controlling the Connect unit, can I make the assumption that we should be able to use our Sonos Connect units with the Roon software if the upcoming Roon updates supports the Connect Unit?

If my assumption of above is correct and Roon continues to support Connect unit in the future I will not worry about replacing my Sonos Connect Units at this time.

I look forward to hearing back from Roon support regarding the above.

Just to clarify a bit, not all Connects will be classified as “Legacy” devices (at least not yet). Mine, apparently with a relatively newer manufactured date, is still showing as “Modern” in my Sonos system inventory.

Yes, you can assume that. Making things like this keep working is what we do, and I’d like to think we’re good at it.