Roon Tags: Ability to change the picture

Another little nice feature (especially for groomers, I guess) would be, if one could change the pictures of tags by adding own images.

For example, I tend to split boxsets into the original releases but also tag them with a Roon Tag in case I need to access the discs as a boxset. If I could change the picture of that tag to the boxset cover that would be nice. Also, sometimes I just don’t like the auto generated thumbs composed of album covers because they do not visualize what I want the Roon Tag to reflect.

Maybe when the ability to change genre and composition pictures gets finally implemented, it could get extended to Roon Tags? My naïve take on the technical aspects is be that most of the new code required would be for house keeping (getting rid of pictures of deleted entries).


+1. I’ve suggested this in the past as well.

Hi, any news on this? Would be an interesting easy way to manage somehow large boxsets.

I’d like to bump this up as well. Even if it is just to pick other covers already with the tag that would help a lot.

Many thanks!