Roon takes a long time to read >6TB Music

I have installed Roon on my Qnap TS453A.
My complete music collection with >6TB (approx. 20,000 CDs) is also on it.
Is it normal that Roon takes a long time to read?
Can I already use Ronn despite the reading process?
Thanks for a short info.

For it’s first initial analysis yes this is normal with such a large library.
You should still be able to play music though at the same time it is doing this.
You can also throttle it’s analysis speed in settings: library.

Big THX for the quick reply

You will likely not be experiencing Roon the way it was intended.
Thats not saying you won’t be pleased, but bear in mind you are trying to pull a huge load/library with a very small engine…

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Welcome to the Roon community, @Thomas_Greiner.

@Mikael_Ollars makes a good point. The Celeron processor is below par for a small library, which needs an i3 processor, and for your large library, an i7 is required.

Roon should work, but it won’t be as responsive as intended. Don’t expect DSP to work well, and limit streaming to one endpoint.

Would it be better to use Roon on my PC system (i7)?

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Undoubtedly yes!
For all the reasons already stated.

Isn’t it better to transfer the entire collection to the PC? At the moment Roon is still scanning the NAS?

There are advantages as well as drawbacks with any given combination.

  1. Keep media on NAS, move Core to Intel i7-PC - Huge advantage when it comes to library manipulation, access and responsiveness (Inncontrast to Core on Synology). May analyze files much quicker. Drawback is slower indexing and no real time updates on library changes.(Manageable by activities such as forced rescan)

  2. Move Core and Media to the Intel i7-PC - Need to store media files locally may create logistic challenges if there are other consumers of the same files. Very quick indexing, maybe slower analysis. Quick library access, start up times and responsiveness.

  3. etc etc

Given the size of your library you need a full desktop i7 CPU to manage it to any decent standard using Roon. You’re looking at 200k+ tracks which is past what even the Nucleus is comfortable with. I can imagine it will take a week to get through it on the NAS and then you might have very sluggish experience. But it’s your choice.

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It looks like your Qnap is a four bay NAS. The most common drives used in such a setup are 7,200 RPM Hard Disk Drives (HDD). Your Qnap has Gigabit network connections.
A typical 7200 RPM HDD will deliver a read/write speed of 80-160MB. This is straight disk read without factoring in RAID.
Your Gigabit connection has a 125MB (8 bits in a byte) max throughput in perfect conditions.
If you assume a 20% overhead (in ideal conditions), you will get a 100MB READ speed.
Your >6 TB drive has >6 million MB data? Divide your 6 million by 100 and you get 60,000 seconds or about 17 hours.
I hope this makes sense… and helps.

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