Roon tells an album is MQA, but it's not. Identification error

Browsing Megadeth’s albums on Tidal through Roon, I came across a greatest hits in MQA, added it to my library, pressed play, but none of the tracks are MQA

This is how it looks on Roon, with the MQA logo:

The file details still say it’s MQA and add a DSD64 (?):

On the Tidal desktop app, no “M” for Masters:

The same for USB Player PRO, no MQA:

The final confirmation came from the Dragonfly:

I see the same thing. Plays as 16/44.1. Must be misrepresented on Tidal. Or, MQA DSD64 means something else?

The thing is I went to tidal, and it’s not MQA there, check out the screenshots. There must be something wrong with Roon interpreting the data

Yes, you’re right. Weird.

Tidal do occasionally tag things wrong on the way to Roon.

you mean Tidal has and displays information A on their desktop and phone apps, but sends info B to Roon?

Sometimes. Same with Qobuz.