Roon thinks Sprout does DSD

I have a Sprout (original version) connected to a Sonore micro Rendu endpoint. I don’t think that the Sprout does DSD. In any case, when I play a dsf file in roon, the software thinks that the Rendu/Sprout combo can play DSD but no sound comes out of the sprout. How do I tell Roon that the Sprout can’t play DSD so that it will transcode into PCM?

I have the same situation with Zoom TAC-2. Thats thunderbolt DAC and this buddy don’t support DSD, but AKM chip on that TAC teoreticly can do that. Roon recognised this fact, display DSD, but when I play DSD I hear nothing (not really - very, very quiet sound, so DSD64 “works”). Roon have abilities to do that, but producer do not support this function, so no success to play 1 bit material on Zoom - sad. In my opinion it’s not bug, it’s feature (Roon high level hardware identification).

It is easy to fix though. Where Roon gets it wrong, you can intervene and correct it. Look at your equipment spec. Then go to DSP and set how Roon delivers the signal. You can tell it to downmix DSD to the maximum PCM rate of the DAC. I have a similar problem with a Teac UD-H01 which reports back as being able to deal with DSD64.

It turns out that there’s an even easier fix: there’s a setting in the configuration of the micro Rendu that tells Roon that your DAC doesn’t do DSD.