Roon + TIDAL : Amazing!

This is a frivolous post just intent to say that Roon itself and its TIDAL integration is fantastic and has changed the way I listen to music forever. Amazing.

Thank you!


Not a frivolous post. Quite true. My problem is I’ve become a kind of genre butterfly, going from artist to artist, genre to genre just absorbing all kinds of music.

It’s alway ratifying to read where someone else likes what I like. More exciting is when someone turns me onto an great artist/album that I wonder how I’ve lived my life and never encountered.

+1. Roon & Tidal are amazing.



Too much negativity here sometimes, this is really a game changing partnership.

I’m just listening to Holly Cole, came across her on a post on CA about albums used to dem new hifi, now the album Don’t Smoke in Bed is embedded in my Roon collection.



Yes. With Roon I have - dare I say it - discovered my own library, nevermind all that I’ve also discovered on TIDAL!!!


Totally agree. Tidal and roon together made me discover music I did not know about. Totally worth the price of admission for both.

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Tidal’s playlists can be quite good. Been listening to Golden Voice: Jim James and have veered off into My Morning Jacket and Ray LaMontagne. Woah.


With tidal I find I’ve completely changed the way I listen to music. I’m constantly listening to new music through Roon and HQPlayer, and like others, flitting through various genres looking for new music. I’ll then use the Tidal app on my phone to download these new treasures for my morning is walk. Loving it!

Roon+Tidal works great.

Last year, my interest in music had dwindled to radio and buying the odd track to put on an iPod. I had a collection of CD’s I found uninspiring that would roll around in the car until the boxes were broken and a larger digital library of shit compressed files on a iTunes platform that constantly changed its functionality till I could no longer look at it.

Then ROON and Tidal came along. I’ve just built 3 hi-fi systems off the back of it - and listen to music, new and old, almost day and night. ROON/TIDAL has made a staggering impact on rekindling a life long passion and everyone involved should be commended. A huge achievement I am perpetually grateful for.


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

The synergy between Roon and Tidal continues to provide unalloyed joy and novelty. So many nooks and crannies to explore and wonderful artists to discover. I think my favourite discovery through Roon has been Jenny Scheinman.

Jenny Scheinman

Crossing the Field is my favorite. That said, it is instrumental, and I know that her work covers a much wider gamut. I’ve seen her perform several times over the years…the NY Jazz scene only has so many people in it.

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I was just listening to this on TIDAL and noticed that Crossing the Field seems to stream in iTunes+ format… I was not aware that some content streams in lower res than CD, I don’t think it’s bandwidth since I can stream FLAC without issues (I have 300mbps down).

Not all content on Tidal is available in lossless quality. Seen this several times myself, AAC stream. Don’t know if it is due to rights or that Tidal needs to upgrade parts of their library still or other…??

Roon doesn’t take bandwidth into account–we always play the highest quality stream that TIDAL is willing to serve up for your account/region. When it is not CD quality, it is because of licensing restrictions from the music label.

Strange, it’s FLAC here in Australia:

Would not be surprised if licensing is diff in Australia vs US. There are a few hi res releases I was able to get through my UK Qobuz account that I cannot get in the US.

FLAC here in UK
(One day I hope geo. restrictions will be a thing of the past.)

Flac here in Canada too. Weird.

Cheers, Greg

Couldn’t agree more. Georestrictions are a relic of a bygone age. Unfortunately I think the increase in copyright term will delay their disappearance. New platforms/distributors can make new deals for future content, but legacy copyright holders don’t go anywhere unless they are bought out.