Roon & Tidal duplicates

Often I find some gems at Tidal and decide that I want to own some of the albums, when I add the FLAC counterparts of some of the Tidal albums that I have previously added to the library I noticed that Roon is not consistent in how these are displayed…

Sometimes Roon will hide the Tidal version of an album that I may have in my library as FLAC, and at times it would show both versions of the album, I have the “show hidden items” switch set to “NO” in the settings…

Any idea how I could flag an album as duplicate manually to stop Roon from showing both versions (the online and the physical one)?

This might be due to Tidal having multiple versions of an album. For some albums Tidal displays different releases, sometimes three or four versions. I am guessing that sometimes it hides the release that matches the local album but still displays the other version, which doesn’t exactly match.
But then again I may be completely wrong:-)

Interesting point, it does seem to be very inconsistent, one day I would find none of the duplicates, and the next day all of the duplicates show, so it does appear as a bug.