Roon + TIDAL not working, performed some troubleshooting already

Hi @James_Song,

Thanks for the update here. That’s definitely an interesting observation. If you get into this state again, maybe try just disconnecting and reconnecting the network — Do things improve after that? While not a permanent solution that would definitely be an interesting data point that should get us on the right track for understanding the root cause of the issue.

Things improved quite dramatically, and it does not occur as frequently as it was in the past. I will continue to actively monitor the situation.

Previously, I have tried to flush ip address and dns via command prompt, but to no avail.
Forgetting the wireless connection and reconnecting with password - did not work.
Restarting my Linksys MESH, also did not work.

For those who are following this thread: what works now (for me at least) is to connect the core to an entirely separate network, then restart computer, and then listen to music for 1/2 day, and then connect to my home wifi. It worked for some reason that I cannot explain.

Hi Dylan,

The same presenting issue is happening again after new Roon core update.

Hi @James_Song,

There were two updates recently — Build 536 and the next day (yesterday) Build 537. Build 537 includes some additional TIDAL changes, so just to confirm, is this still happening on Build 537?

All is good so far.

However I saw some Tidal albums or tracks went unavailable. I suspect the issue is with Tidal.

Hi @James_Song,

That is definitely possible — If there were licensing changes and tracks are no longer available from TIDAL they will also not be available in Roon. If you see anything different (i.e. the tracks are still available in TIDAL but not in Roon) just let us know!

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