Roon/Tidal - Synology


I am running Roon server on Synology 1813+, do I have to make any changes to firewalls or network settings, as Tidal intergration is not working?


I was looking for something on Tidal and stumbled on this post…maybe @crieke can help…tho its been a while since you asked

Could you solve this issue already? I did not notice or missed it at that time.
Anyway there should not be any special port that needs to be open.
There is a support document about firewalls and TIDAL on their website. It did not mention special ports, but some domains/IPs that need to be granted.

You did not mention what exactly happens if you try to play TIDAL music. Do/Did you get an error message?

Hi there
I have a problem accessing Tidal through Roon.
Roon is installed on my Synology 916+ with 8GB Ram and a SSD for the library as recommended.
I can access Tidal, but it takes like 10 seconds to start playing a song.
Likewise, when I search for an artist or album, it takes 10 seconds to show the hyperlinks for 'Tidal artists" or “tidal Albums”.
Firewall is disabled

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

The 10 secs or so is quite typical as I also experience this…I believe it has to with the buffering needed to start play and also some dependance on the speed of the Tidal connectivity one has.

Thanks , then I guess it is just a matter of getting used to it…

Hi Roon lovers :slight_smile:

Following up on this…I am seeing a slow reponse on searches as well.
When I search for an artist, local results stored on my NAS will show up in real time.
Tidal results will take 5 to 10 seconds.
The links to “tidal artist” etc will not show up immediately. Then they will show up but greyed out and after a while it will turn blue and will be clickable.
I did check all network settings and all is fine.
Any suggestion ?

HI @support, can you look into this when you have a chance ? Not a major issue but it would be good to have a smooth integration with Tidal.
My set up is the following :

Roon Core: installed on Synology 916+ (8GB) with dedicated SSD. Synology connected through Ethernet cable
Endpoint: Auralic Aries Femto, wireless connection
Wifi Router : Apple time capsule


Some of this sounds like performance issues.

From what I can tell, the Core here is running on a Celeron processor, which will work but would also cause slower searches and browsing. That processor is pretty slow compared to what we recommend, so that would be where I would look first.

You can test this out by temporarily running your Core on a laptop or other device that’s closer to our guidelines, and see if things improve. If they don’t we can take another look at this, but a slower processor can cause a lot of these symptoms.

Hi Mike,
thanks for getting back to me.
the 916+ is equipped with a Pentium N3710 quad-core processor, not a Celeron.
Does it make any difference ? I thought this processor is aligned to your recommendations…

Ah, sorry about that – wasn’t sure what model you had.

It’s hard to say whether that’s the issue or not, but it’s still a good deal slower than what we recommend:


Again, I mention this because a lot of these symptoms sound like performance issues. This is still what I would recommend to confirm whether this is related to performance or something else:

Let us know how it’s going @alessandro_niola!

As a data point I have a core running on a DS916+ with a USB-attached SSD for the Roon database. It’s not as snappy as my i5 NUC, but I never considered it to be grossly underpowered either. I’m not seeing the issues that @alessandro_niola is observing with Tidal searching and playback.

Can’t remember the exact stats, but I think the library on that box is on the order of 1700 albums / 26,000 tracks. It even has enough juice to do PCM upsampling to DXD.

Also, one thing that I have occasionally noticed on Synology is that the Roon process can slow down over time. About a year ago it got to a point where I setup an automated task to restart RoonServer periodically on a client’s system as it was causing problems. Not sure if you’re seeing the same thing, but would be worth stopping RoonServer in package center and restarting. See if that makes a difference.

Also, on my 916 and my customer’s 216 (yeah, I know) both with 8GB RAM I’ve turned off memory compression in the Synology settings. That seems to have made performance more consistent.

Thanks Andrew,
My library is about the same size. I am disabling memory connection now as per your suggestion…hopefully that will work for me as well!
Could you tell me how to set up that automation you mentioned ? I think that would be another help

thanks a ton

Ok, I found how to schedule tasks, so now I have 2 for Roon. The first one will stop the service (4AM, daily) and the second one will restart it (5AM daily)
fingers crossed!!

disabling memory compression and scehulding a restart of Roon on my Synology did not make the trick.
Tidal is still slow to load.
I will move ahead and test a different core on my 2012 mac mini with i7 and 16 GB Ram

Works a joy on the Mac Mini…Tidal is super fast compared to Synology.
Damn… i have to go back to my previous set up and stop using the NAS as Roon Core .
A bit disappointing I have to say.