Roon Time Trial Ticking Away

I have been lucky to have a 60 day trial for Roon and I am liking what I am seeing, which is the Roon Interface and the music management system. I am now closing in on the end of the trial and to date I haven’t been able to hear Roon in all it’s glory through my setup. Only place I can hear is through my computer speakers…

So my setup is this and is all cabled by Ethernet

Core: Imac Late 2009 running MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.3
3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR 3

Router: Technicolour TG799VAC

microRendu Version: 2.3

Oppo BD105P

Line Magnetic Tube Amp 216a

So Roon cannot see the microRendu as a networked player however I can see it on my Mac. I have selected the mR via the Sonore website and is active RoonReady. I then tinkered in the Apps and set up Shairport and this meant that Roon could see the mR but again no sound or signal path but it could see it.

I am running out of time to experience what is the ultimate goal of Roon…to play music.


Be certain that you have selected the microRendu zone. Roon does not play to all active zones, only currently selected zones.


Thanks Andrew. I would select it if it was showing in Roon.

Try tuning off all firewall and anti virus. If it works then you know the issue is one of them is blocking ROon.

Thanks Rugby. Firewall not on and no anti virus…

I think the dac the mR is plugged into needs to be on and usb input selected (depending on your dac of course). Something to verify.

Correct is on and on usb input