Roon to Apple TV

Why does Roon only output 44.1KHz to Apple TV not 48KHz?
Apple TV only supports 48KHz, and converts all input to 48KHz internally.

you can force upsample per zone if you want… it sends basic native format and apple does the upsample

Because it knows the Apple TV will upsample it so no need.

I had rather Roon does the resampling than Apple.
At the moment if I play a 96KHz file Roon downsamples it to 44.1KHz and then the Apple TV upsamples it again to 48KHz. Can’t be good.

Sample rate conversion for Apple TV zone is not available. The option is greyed out.

But Airplay is a fixed protocol for audio only streams it’s 44.1. The 48 is for video with audio not on its own, it’s a video device and all video devices use 48 for audio as it’s the standard for encoded audio in video streams. You Airplay anything to an Apple TV it would do the same under the hood but won’t show you like Roon.

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That must be it and unless apple changes airplay or Roon find another way of connecting to the Apple TV there is no remedy.

Don’t use Airplay.

I am a Mac guy, and I never use airplay for music.