Roon to support to "play with …” from OS file browser

If I choose a music file on a disk and I choose "play with "I get choices like VLC or Media Player, is it possible to add Roon to the choices.

Regards Roger

This is not how ROON is designed. It’s not a basic standalone music player like WMP/VLC, where you would select files or a folder and play them. ROON, is far more than that. It’s a fully integrated system by importing your music library (.MP3, .FLAC, etc) (if you have one), or by linking a music service. KKBox, Tidal or Qobuz.

So, if you had a music folder, you would tell ROON to watch/monitor that music folder and it would import the files. It would then grab all the metadata associated with the files. The great thing about this is that ROON does not alter or edit the files. Instead ROON uses it’s own system to display all metadata.

  • Roon: Best for audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for high-quality audio playback, extensive metadata, advanced library management, and integration with high-resolution streaming services. It is a premium product with features tailored for a superior listening experience.

High-Quality Audio Focus:

  • Designed for audiophiles with support for high-resolution audio formats and advanced playback features.

  • Rich Metadata and Music Discovery:

  • Extensive metadata, artist bios, album reviews, and more for an enhanced music discovery experience.

  • Multi-Room Audio:

  • Supports synchronized playback in multiple rooms with various audio devices.

  • Integration with Streaming Services:

  • Integrates with high-resolution streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz.

  • Advanced Library Management:

  • Sophisticated library management with automatic metadata retrieval and organization for large collections.

  • Compatibility with High-End Audio Equipment:

  • Compatible with high-end audio gear and supports protocols like RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport).

Windows Media Player:
A general-purpose media player suitable for everyday media playback needs with basic features. It is widely accessible as it comes pre-installed on Windows systems.

VLC Media Player:
Known for its wide format support and cross-platform compatibility, VLC is ideal for users needing a versatile and highly customizable media player. It supports advanced playback features and network streaming, making it a powerful free and open-source option for a variety of media needs.

You might want to read up more on how ROON might suit you and your needs.