Roon to support Widgets on Apple devices (iPadOS and iOS) [IMPLEMENTED]

Really, that is an argument against it?

You get a slider on the lockscreen. The big jump is only there when using the volume buttons on the side. It works for Apple Music and all other apps we have. The user can decide to use the slider or buttons. Roon can even add a setting to enable/disable the lockscreen controls.

Why is there always some crazy counter-argument against the most obviously right CRs in this forum?

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No it wasn’t, which is why I said ‘So while I agree that it seems like a good idea…’, I’m just pointing out that it requires careful implementation, as with all these things, otherwise for every user you please, you end up with a load more complaining about other issues that arise.

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Agreed @ChrisSU . Some early implementations where actually quite bad as some companies where initially using older APIs of IOS.

Lockscreen audio control seems to be pretty straight forward (at least from reading… sure, the devil is in the details as always).

Support controlling background audio from the Control Center and iOS Lock screen

Whats the current status on adding lock screen control for Roon?

I’m still amazed that a paid for system like Roon doesn’t have it when pretty much every single music playing app I’ve ever used does. Whats the reason for the delay, and whats the ETA?

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Roon don’t seem to have ever said they are working on this so I wouldn’t expect any comments from them.

Hi, do we have a lock screen widget yet? I would love to pause, play and skip tracks without opening the ipad.

This request goes back to 2016. Are you kidding me? Let’s go guys. At least chime in and give us an acknowledgement of some kind.

This and Apple Watch basic controls is far more usable to me than mobile sync!

Lightening DS used to be able to display lock screen cover art and controls but didn’t Apple veto this for ‘remote control’ apps a while ago? Only apps actually playing music from the device itself get to show their controls on the lock screen now, at least that’s what I thought?

Sometimes I want to pause Roon when my iPad is locked, or I’m in another iOS app. It would be great to have a pull-down widget to allow quick play/pause actions without having to unlock or navigate apps


is there any work in progress or plan to implement control panel for ios/android devices while locked? itunes, plax has it …


any update here?

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unbelievable how roon guys ignoring important “issues”.


Please, whip up a lock screen widget for iOS so I can see what’s playing when I lift my phone.
At the price you charge for Roon (which I really like), this seems like a glaring shortcoming.


Hi @Leigh_Stoller, I’ve merged your post into this existing feature request.
I too hope we get this one day.

From what I heard Apple removed this feature from anything other than apps actually playing music on the device a while ago - that’s when Auralic’s Lightning DS stopped displaying on the lock screen as well. If use the iOS device to run the Roon app and as an endpoint the controls do appear, because the app is actually using the device and outputting the audio through it.

The BluOs widget still works… as it did 3 Years ago. I only have 2 bluesound zones in roon so can only control those from the widget. Sad that after all this time roon still has no way to control it’s zones without having to open the app…wait for it load just to pauze or change volume.
My headphone zone ( Allo Usbridge connected to Meridian Prime) can only be controlled from within the roon app which is not very practical.

Ah… maybe widgets is the way forward, presumably you have to right swipe to get to that screen from the lock screen?

Never mind all this how about enabling me to get to the letter L without busting my thumb?

Just going to throw my $0.02 in as well that not having basic lock screen functionality is a real bummer. Is there a technical hurdle? Is it a chosen design decision? It is rather upsetting that no Roon employee has bothered to respond in over 2 years on a topic that clearly a decent number of people have feelings for.

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