Roon to support Widgets on Apple devices (iPadOS and iOS) [IMPLEMENTED]

Completely agree, its a real pain!

What’s most painful is that nobody from Roon has spoken up on this in two years :frowning: . Okay, there may be something preventing them from doing this. If so, just say so and give us the details of what’s going on. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and in this case the 5 minutes to type out a reply about why it’s not functionally possible will save hours of other people reading up on this, wondering, and complaining.



Is there any progress on the lock screen playback controls for IOS?

Also is there any developments in Roon Rore mobile support!


This is clearly something that would fix a lot of problems - user experience improvement, maybe fixing also the quick sleep when Roon is in background
I cannot be more happy if this is implemented by Roon

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No I don’t think Apple removed this
Sonos lock screen display still works as I write these words
There is something that needs to be developed here
And like many other users I don’t understand why Roon devs do not answer this. Even explain to us why this feature will or will not be implemented

In the meantime I found this interesting solution:
If you have more than one RAAT endpoint, simply group the main RAAT zone with your phone or tablet (mostly considered as a RAAT endpoint too). You phone/tablet will have something to play (just put the volume to 0 if the sound is not needed) and you will have the notification you need / also Roon doesn’t go to sleep in the phone/tablet when it is playing something. But before that, in order to be sure that the greatest SQ is in the main zone, adjust clock master priority in the devices settings (higher for the main zone, lower for the zones you will use as always playing control points).

This can be only temporary as it is not very practical: if you pause the music with a remote control, Roon on the portable device is paused and then goes to sleep incredibly fast. So when you unpause, Roon in the portable device may still be on pause even if the music is back on the main zone. So when you open back the portable device the music pauses again involuntarily and then you have to unpause again from your portable device.

Life could be simplier right ?


This is definitely a desired feature from me too. C’mon Roon - you have received more money from individual users than almost any other application out there. Work harder :slight_smile:

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Seriously its Apple, no remote control apps display on the lock screen, only apps actually running and playing music in the device can do that… Because the music isn’t playing on the device, it’s playing somewhere else. Auralic have a similar issue with Lightning director/shareholder.

Logitech Harmony app doesn’t play music but is accessible from the lock screen. I use it for Roon for transport controls and volume of my preamp. Even the hard volume buttons work.

The Naim app has a lock screen widget that shows now playing info: album cover art, album & track name, artist; track time info with progress bar; skip fwd/back / pause control; and volume indicator dial with the same +/- buttons as the Roon app. This controls the hardware levels on the new Naim streaming platform, including when used it as a Roon end point. You do need the Naim app running locally in the iPhone, but the music is not playing in the device.

It can be done, and it’s super cool… best new feature in the Naim app from last year for sure.

Regards alan


Agree with post above, Naim have done it, why not Roon?


Naim must be naughty wizards! :blush: (Auralic have been blaming Apple for this lack for a number of years!) Obviously if your streaming TO the device then that’s not a problem, or indeed if you are listening on the device as a Roon endpoint and using it to control Roon it works as well.

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They are based quite close to Stonehenge, so possibly some dark magic going on…

In general, their software is functional, but not impressive, so I am not sure they have that much coding wizardry!

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I am interested in this feature too.

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Casting my vote for this feature too.

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Sonos too. what you play shows up in lockscreen even if the music is not being played in the device controlling Sonos

I was answered by Roon team that this feature is under implementation

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+1. It’s a painful usability miss from my point of view. I consistently have to go swipe around to get back to the app which can then take a second or two to reload. When you are trying to take a fast action like pause so you can answer a call it’s frustrating.

Every other playback mechanism I use shows up above lock. Sonos, Audible, Deezer, Tidal, Quboz, Amazon Music, Stitcher, the B&O app, YouTube … they all have an above lock set of audio controls.

It’s clearly achievable. Just perhaps not a priority.


I’m too interested in this. Follow

Here is another Vote ! please make this happen, or let us know it’s not possible.


The ability to control Roon on the locked screen of an iPhone or iPad was a great addition to the functionality of the Roon Controller. As soon as you pick up the phone, you can stop, rewind or skip to the next song. This is much needed functionality.
Robert Tota