Roon to UAPP to OTG to USB DAC for bit perfect playback?

Is this flow similar to,

Roon to HQPlayer to microRendu to USB DAC for lossless high res streaming on Android?

I don’t know in what protocol Roon and HQPlayer communicate each other, in RAAT?

Thinking in similar flow, perhaps UAPP can be in place of HQPlayer but in Android platform to create high res lossless endpoint allowing OTG USB DAC support, eg. Hugo, Mojo (though Mojo + Poly = FTW).

At least following support is on Roon’s roadmap, i think.


Roon -> iPeng -> “apple special cable” -> Chord Mojo

, seems like can do highres lossless streaming on iOS devices.

If so, then UAPP in place of iPeng, but on Android…