Roon trial and purchase

I’m currently enjoying roon for the first time on my Mac mini. I’m really impressed. I especially love the fact the functions throughout still work even though I have most of my files saved as .WAV format!

Any way. At the end of my 14 day trial, will I be given the option to purchase the subscription or the one off payment?

Thank you

The choices are annual subscription and lifetime subscription. If you choose annual plan, and decide during the subscription period you want to convert to lifetime, Roon will apportion that year’s annual fee toward the lifetime subscription fee.

Thanks Robert.
If I upgrade to lifetime membership, is it possible to move the ‘core’ from my Mac to say my NAS if I require in the future? I’ll be looking to upgrade from the Mac to a dedicated streamer/server at some point…

Yes, providing your NAS meets the minimum specification requirements. see Roon Server on NAS

That isnt influenced by the subscription type. As has been said you can move regardless is the nas meets requirements.

Hi Keith,

from what I recall of the actual purchase, it is simply a case of going online to your Roon account and purchasing either lifetime or annual subscription. If you do this before the end of the trial, Roon will just carry on with no interruption in service. Roon should just check your subscription status and continue working.

Thanks Guys.