Roon Trial - How to view Tidal artist discography

I’m on the trial and am overall quite satisfied but there is one thing I just cannot figure out, how to view artist tracks on Tidal (Android client, core on PC).

For example if I search/find artist Stevie Nicks in Roon I just see Top Tracks which is about 8 songs.

In the Tidal app this is called discography, and shows at least 130 tracks (I quit counting at this point).

In BlueOS (free app with Bluesound Node that also has Tidal integration) this view is also called Top Tracks and has over 100 tracks for Nicks (again just quit counting).

How do I find this view of an artists tracks in Roon? For whatever reason I just cannot figure out how to see just more than a handful.


Hi, try this:

  • Goto the Roon menu
  • Select Tidal
  • Select Search and search for “Stevie Nicks”
  • In the Tidal Albums section … select “view all”.

I see approximately 20 genuine albums plus some tribute version.

Though In the Tidal Tracks section … select “view all” only shows 14 tracks which is way off the mark.
I guess this is what you see too.

Thanks for the answer but the question remains (for Roon @support), how do I see the list of >tracks< (not albums) of an artist i.e the discography view in Tidal. I never see more than a few tracks.


I tried Roon in 2016 and at the time it was not possible to load the full (available) TRACK discography from Tidal. Support never answered the question on the forum but eventually said in an email that it wasn’t currently on the road map which for me was a deal breaker esp given it worked on BlueOS.

I really liked Roon but before I give it a another go I was wondering if this been addressed in Tidal and Qobuz?

@support Has Roon fixed this issue with Tidal discography?


Hi Tim,

You mean this bit?

Roon is album based so the only “long” list is as the last time you looked.

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