Roon Ubuntu server how to shut down

Maybe a silly question. ROCK had a web interface. What is the correct why to shut down the Linux server version of roon with out a keyboard and a monitor

Found this Ubuntu 18.04 – How to shutdown when power button pressed

You have two ways to remotely admin the Linux box.

First and most common, you can open a terminal session from any other computer connected to the same network, using ssh (secure shell). On Mac, you simply use the Mac Terminal and ssh into your box. On Windows there’s PuTTy to do the same. If you have never used Linux or ssh before, read up on it.

Second there is the option to install on your Linux box the cockpit web admin package. This is fully supported under Ubuntu. This gives you a web admin console to check on the system load, memory usage, network traffic, etc. From there you have also the possibility to open a terminal session.

Once you have your terminal session, you can shut down or restart the Roon server process:

sudo systemctl restart roonserver.service

There’s really no need to shut down only Roon. Let it run as long as your server is on. But it’s good to know how to restart it if running into problems.

To shutdown the server, Roon and operating system, do this:

sudo shutdown -h now

This will safely power off the machine. When you power it on again, Roon server will be started automatically.


Thanks super informative. Right now I only have an iPad. Just got a new job and waiting for my laptop.

Do you think this will work for now

In Ubuntu 18.04 or any similar Linux variants with acpi (if not you can probably install), make a file called /etc/acpi/events/power with

sudo nano /etc/acpi/events/power

and put


inside the file, close it, then

sudo service acpid restart

This is probably the simplest solution that definitely works.

Have never used this, so don’t know. You can try… By all means, if you’d like to have a web interface to your server similar (better!) than what ROCK offers, have a look at cockpit. This is installed in 3 minutes and then you can use your iPad which has a browser…

I should add that you probably will want terminal access to your machine anyway. E.g., you should from time to time apply security updates of installed packages. You may wish to have a look at logs, Roon and otherwise. If you run a headless server, you need some way to get access to it.

Edit: I just found this little write-up on how to install cockpit on Ubuntu 20.04.

Just to give you some idea and whet your appetite, this is the dashboard of cockpit on my Roon server machine. See the two options in the upper right corner? From there you can shutdown or reboot your machine without even having to open a terminal session.


Thanks Andreas I have never tried this as I always used the command line.
It looks very nice and I think I will try it myself :+1:t2:

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