Roon UI not responsive to Back/Forward mouse buttons (or gestures)

I have a minor Feature Request that I think would improve the flow and experience of interacting with the main Roon UI.

Very often when interacting with the Roon UI, I instinctively try to use the “back” button on my mouse (or two-finger swipe gesture on my MacBook trackpad) to navigate Back in the Roon interface. This button/gesture works on essentially every web browser, file browser, and many other pieces of software, but not Roon. (Even after several years as a Roon user, I continue to tap the mouse button instinctively - and to no avail - because it works everywhere else.)

I am fully aware of the general blue “back” arrow in the upper left corner of the Roon UI. It is, of course, a very minor problem to have to move my mouse pointer and click on the arrow. However, I think it would be a much smoother experience if I could use the buttons that have existed on mice for over a decade to perform this exact task.

I am using MacOS. I have no idea whether the back/forward buttons on mice work as expected with Windows systems. I invite a Windows user to comment on this behavior.



I also would love to have the feature to customize the keyboard shortcuts. It seems there is no universal standard for forward and backward navigation among programs. It should be user configurable as long as it’s so variable.

In the meantime, there are keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

In Roon on PC, forward and backward navigation is Ctrl+Arrows.
On a Mac, it is Cmd+Arrows or Control+Arrows.

Here’s a link to the keyboard shortcut page:

Given a choice, I would prefer Alt+Arrows for navigation on a PC, as things like the windows file explorer, chrome/edge browsers, use that as default. Ctrl+arrows is almost universally used on PC for jumping in text fields by word, so it seems a little clunky for Roon to use that.