Roon UI on Wine as Linux snap?

I’m not crazy about installing WINE on my main desktop, but I would like to have a Roon UI running there. I’ve managed to get Roon running on WINE on a Ubuntu laptop in the past, so I know it works. However, I’d really like to encapsulate it in a form which restricts WINE’s access. A docker container make the most sense, perhaps, but I understand there are issues with the OpenGL interfaces which may make that difficult.

However, there’s this new thing, snap, which has a “strict confinement” mode. Has anyone tried this as packaging?

Very interesting. Snap is evidently from Canonical, the Ubuntu folks.
Do tell how it works for you.

On my CentOS Server (which also runs Roon Core) I built a Windows 10 VM (and also a ROCK VM!) to debug a networking problem, and thereby got to use Roon in a Windows VM, which is in and of itself not hard these days, but indeed, if they pre-package individual apps in the snap wrapper, then Roon UI on Linux would be quite easy for folks to enjoy.

I think flatpak could be an interesting alternative to snap, because it’s more “open”. But with flatpak I have not had any experiences yet.

Not sure about the politics around these two things. Haven’t used either yet. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll find the time to try one of them.

Thanks for the pointer.

I was probably a bit hasty and have read too superficially. This does not seem to work. But I stay tuned.

Let us know! I think we have a certain subset of Linux users here that would profit from this. Like me. I just don’t have time to mess with it right now. =)