Roon update (B988) messed my preferred album versions

After installing the latest update I wondered why I got more internet traffic than before. Looking at the seek bar showed me, that Roon now plays my Albums from TIDAL instead of my local disk.

So, I checked the preferred versions of some albums and wondered that none of my local albums is preferred anymore.

It was hard work to set them all to local, and now it seems all has been reset to the streaming version. My local stuff isn’t lossless, and I don’t care about the last bit of fidelity.

Maybe the new Streaming Preferences is causing this (I can’t use MQA und don’t pay for it).

Is there a way to mass-prefer the local stuff again?

That’s not expected behaviour. Library tracks are to be preferred above all.
Support wil be back Monday.

This bug has some additional annoying side effects. Some recently added TIDAL albums are listed in “Recent activity: added”, but I already own the albums and have local copies in my library for ages. When I select the local version as the preferred one, the album moves down in the “Recent activity: added” section. Hopefully, the @support will be back some day. :wink:

Hi @Tekl,

Can you give an example of what you did in Roon that resulted in a TIDAL streaming version being chosen over your local copy? For instance, did you go to use top-level search to find an album, then play it from there - or something else?

This sounds like expected behavior. Newly added content from a streaming service will appear in Recent activity in the way you’ve described. Its position in recent activity will be impacted by other actions you take in Roon.

As told, after the update, some old albums appeared in the “Recent activity”. So I clicked on them to look, why they’re there. There, I see, that the TIDAL version is preferred, and I manually have to prefer the local files. Well, the problem seems to be, that I liked some stuff on TIDAL what I already have in my Roon library. Strange is, that it had no effect in the Recents section with the previous version. So, it seems, you fixed a bug and I thought its a new bug. :man_facepalming:

But anyway, I would appreciate it if I could mass-prefer my local stuff. I don’t understand why Roon ignores it by default. I think Roon should respect, that I take the time to manage files locally.

Well, is there an undocumented Tag that will let Roon prefer local albums with lower quality than FLAC?