Roon update failure latest version

Hi Beka,

thanks for looking at this. I’ve tried the name change but no difference.

I do have a potential workaround by turning them in to mp3s but I’d obviuosly rather be able to play the wav.

I have also noticed that alot of these (but not all) seem to be files recorded in a particular piece of software (Stenberg Wavelab). they are also relatively long. I don’t know if that is significant although worth noting they played in the previous version of Roon no problem.



Try turning them into Flacs with no compression. I use dbPoweramp

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hey @domocon,

@Rugby’s suggestion is quite great (thx! :pray:)

At the same time, we’d love to take a closer look and try to reproduce the issue on our end. Would you please upload that track example to our media drive?

Thanks again :pray:

Hi Beka,

good point and working on the flacs now (thanks Rugby) and have uploaded the example file to the Roon link.

BIG thanks for looking at this. v pleased I’m back up and running.



Hey @domocon,

I wanted to thank you for providing us with everything we asked for :pray:

We’ve received the media and we’re working on sharing a next step for you. Please, bear with us a little longer :bear:

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