Roon upsampling issue with Lumin S1

Hello all and @support,

On a Roon staff’s recommendation, I have attempted to use Roon’s upsampling abilities.
Except I’m having some issues with our Lumin S1.

I’m engaging SRC, Max Rate (power of 2) with Smooth Minimum Phase filter.

Sound quality is indeed nicer with Roon taking over upsampling, which it does into the 352.8KHz range for the S1.

The problem is the start of the song, where I will get a second or two of static/drop-outs.

I’m using for Core the latest 298 Build on a 2013 iMac 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB of mem. File’s are sourced on a Synology DS1515+ (running with about a 25% mem load).

I have tried increasing the Resync Delay, but to no effect.

Any ideas?

Additional Info: I can play an original 352.8KHz file just fine, with no initial static/drops.

Let’s also flag @wklie here – one of the great minds at Lumin who also happens to be a member of this little parish…

Please try upsampling to DSD128 from Roon and see if the same issue occurs, with Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator option enabled.

Hi Peter,

Same Paul here, just using my biz account.

Upsampling to DSD128 exhibits no static or drop-outs so far.

I am a brand new dealer to Lumin and now also Roon. Any idea what is happening here? Is this a Lumin thing?

Thanks for checking that DSD128 upsampling works normally, Paul. There is a good chance that DSD upsamping may sound better than PCM upsampling anyway.

From the Lumin endpoint perspective, playback of source 352.8kHz vs upsampled 352.8kHz is no different. In fact, the endpoint does not even know Roon upsampled it from another sample rate before sending it to the endpoint. So this is unexpected.

I’ll check further and see if I can reproduce it.

I’ve reproduced the issue and we are looking into it.

A beta fix is now available, in case other users are experiencing the same problem.

Jeez, took ya long enough! :slight_smile:
Kudos on the rapid response.

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The fix is now released in firmware 10.2.