Roon usb issue when using both ports

I dont understand your question.

Hi @Steve_Cooke1,

I was just confirming that the symptoms you saw here were the exact same as we saw before:

  • You connected the USB drive and it worked
  • You connected the thumb drive and the USB device from before lost power and stopped working
  • Thumb drive also didn’t work

Thumb drive was only ever implemented as per your instructions. Not part of the original problem. Please advise.

Hi @Steve_Cooke1,

To clarify, the point of this test was to confirm that this occurs even with two simple USB devices and gather data of the incident occurring.

Originally it was reported that the Seagate USB drive stopped working when the Aesthetix device was connected and that, either one connected individually wise fine, but they didn’t work together. For this data gathering, we wanted to take the Aethetix out of the picture and verify that the USB drive stops working and gather diagnostics for this incident.

So I was just verifying that, with just the USB drive and the thumb drive connected, the same issue is present. Is that correct?