Roon Version 1.7 (build 710) - Stability improvements for discovery protocol?

Shortly before this update was released I was finally able to resolve the many problems I was having with Remote to Core Discovery after another community member advised me that I could not cross vlans when trying to connect Remote apps via wifi to my Nucleus. Now that I have changed my WAPs to be on the same vlan as my Nucleus, I am getting instantaneous Remote to Core discovery. Needless to say, this has dramatically changed my user experience.

Can you elaborate on the stability improvements for discovery protocol in this latest update? Is crossing vlans still a non-starter? Is Bonjour compatibility on your roadmap?

Many thanks.

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Nothing with VLANs has changed. It will just be a tweak to improve the current way it works in some network environment s there has been a lot of issues with latest Android version and discovery and other devices dropping off as well.

Sadly, looks like still no use of ZeroConf/Bonjour. So it will still be broken on anything that runs the Android apps in a container (like ChromeOS).

You may find this thread informative: How I got Roon working over OpenVPN (hard for me, easy for you)
It talks about OpenVPN, but the same would apply to vlans AFAIK.

There’s another thread specific to VLAN’s:

Honestly, either solution described should work (assuming your network gear is compatible).

Hi Aaron, I have the Ubiquiti Dream Machine (not pro). Would your program work on it?