Roon Version Nomenclature

I’m just curious how Roon comes up with their version number. We were on 970 and now we’re at 987. I’m sure there’s a reason for it and I’m just curious if that’s the iterations “behind the scenes” or where it comes from? :musical_note:

These represent the software build number. Not every build is released publicly, so you can infer from this that quite a few changes were made since the last release.

You can see the changes in the release notes.


As @Martin_Webster says

Quite often the Build no is automated , so its not uncommon to Build / test / change / Build repeat hence builds that are purely internal happen

Yeah I know about the build number…it was more of where does it come from etc.

It’s Roon’s build sequential numbering system. That’s all we need to know. It makes no difference.

Pretty sure you see the leap in build numbers as Roon use some of the numbers up for internal builds for testing that the public never get to see.

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